The Brick House FAQ (frequently asked questions)

From your website pictures it looks like a fancy place. Will we need to dress up to feel comfortable at The Brick House?

Absolutely not! We like you just the way you are! You'll find that we are way more fun than fancy ... 

But for those that must test the boundries of normal human behavior, we reserve the right to refuse service. The no shirt, no shoes, no pants, no service rule applies.

Is it expensive to eat at The Brick House or next door at Haser's on Main Street?

Our menu has items for every budget and appetite. We buy the best ingredients available, and carefully cook them to order. Our chefs create amazing taste sensations that will leave you wondering why we didn't charge more! While the Brick House features American, Italian and Mexican dishes, Haser's on Main Street features Mediterranean, Asian and American fusion cuisine. Our aim has been to create a dining destination with something for everyone.

Is there parking near the restaurant?

Yes! Over 1200 well lit, clean, free (after 4:30 p.m.) spaces courtesy of the City of Butler. The Typical jaunt from the middle of a mall parking lot is over 200 yards. We can assure you that your walking distance on the businest night will be less than that.

Do you have DJs on Friday and Saturday nights? Do you charge a cover charge?

Yes we often have DJs on the weekends and no we normally don't charge a cover.

Are children welcome at The Brick House and Haser's on Main Street?

Absolutely! We have a great kids menu too! We have 2 rules for families with kids: 1.) Keep them with you at all times and 2.) Don't let their fun (or crying) spoil someone elses evening. We have many areas where a crying infant or toddler can be taken for calming.

Do you accept Coupons and the Entertainment/Enjoy Card?

Yes. In fact you can print a great coupon right from this site! We also place coupons in our newspaper ads. But please follow the coupn and card rules for holidays, number of coupons/cards per table, etc. which includes 1 check per table for groups of 4 or more with more than one discount card. Don't be a "cheapy": Please tip our fine servers based on the before discount value of your meals based on their level of service to you and your fellow guests.

Can I bring my under 21 year old young adult to listen to the DJ?

Yes. You will be asked at the door to supply proof of kinship in the form of driver licenses. Then during the evening, they must be with you at all times - including trips to the restrooms. And they are never allowed in the designated bar area (inside the railing). We welcome under 21 designated drivers too. But by law, someone in the party must be 25 years or older.

Please don't make the mistake of "slipping" them a drink, 'cause you're their parent or buddy. We (and our attorneys) take our responsibility to abide by Pennsylvania law very seriously.

Do you accept all major credit cards?

Yes, and there are 3 ATM's at reputable banks 1/2 a block down the street to choose from. Additionaly, we support local Higher Education by accepting ROCK DOLLARS from SRU students.

Why does that really handsome guy, that everyone says is the owner, call himself the "Janitor"?

"Cause he is! ... Well, we thought he was just another pretty face. But as it turns out, he's pretty good with a broom and comes in real handy for cleaning off tables,  washing glassware, and hauling trash cans. 

If I want great coupons and drink special notices how do I become a friend on your facebook?

Just look up The Brick House, Butler and request to be our friend. It's that easy!