lg's perch

If it's so easy, why doesn't everyone do it?

For those of you dreaming about opening your own independent restaurant some day, I say: Make sure you have lot's of money, an incredible desire to work long hours, tons of patience, few vices, no need for an immediate return on investment (figure 5-7 years min.), incredible handyman skills ('cause you'll be plumber, electrician, roofer, HVAC, sound technician, equipment repair etc. 24/7), the sleuth skills of a detective to stop the internal theft, a background in psychology to deal with certain elements, a great passion to strive for service excellence and a really, really understanding family.

Like us, you'll be faced with the 20 (and growing) BIG CHAIN restaurants storming your area with huge buckets of corporate dollars and a percentage of area consumers that will only buy from these faceless giants (regardless the reason). Your place will be affected by every major disaster, industry bumbling, foreign and domestic conflict, local economic swings, competitor rumors, small minded-small town jealousy, and the local government more concerned with parking meter and parking ticket revenue than the vitality of their dedicated independent business men and women.

You'll be the one with the mop, plunger and rubber gloves on when the bachelor/birthday party guest has too much. You do it so as not to demoralize your employees. Forget about wearing leather soled shoes, only rubber bottoms for you pal.

When you're standing still for a second, with the ginger ale in the rocks glass, surveying the crowd while making it look like you're socializing, someone will invariably comment, "Hey, do you ever work?". This after the 12 hours you've put in today ... with only 5 or 6 more hours to go! Ahhh, it's a glamorous life! But I wouldn't change it for the world...

'Cause everything you see at our House wasn't done with the almighty dollar in mind. It was a labor of love for a town that often doesn't love ya back. It's a life that can break your back (or spirit) but offer rewards beyond your wildest dream:

The many married couples who met here

The baby's baptismal showers

That perfect event when you leave all of the guests in awe

The world travelers who comment, "This place is among the best we've seen - anywhere!"

The Pittsburgh minded Butlerite that says, "You've given us a reason not to drive so far."

The out-of-breath customers with the big smiles that just danced their butts off!

The gourmet aficionados that ask for your recipes.

The wake of an old friend where you provide the culinary comfort for the family

The local regulars that appreciate what you've done to change the dining and entertainment perspective of your home town.

The budget minded couple, out for that special evening, that are surprised that their check is so small.

The drama and intrigue of dealing with thousands of guest per week, having every day be challenging.

Jumping out of bed after 5 hours of sleep anxious to do it all again!!! ... Mouth piece in, buckle chin strap! 

It's the life!

 So my friends, silly romantic notions abound in the minds of men like me. I leave you with this:

The sidewalks been swept

The special sign is in place

Quick, duck in the bathroom

Somethings all over your face!

Turn the lights on just right,

Music volume regulate

That gate needs unlocked

Two servers are late!

Places everyone!

Smiles ... tuck in that shirt!

Someone is coming

Oh no ... I forget the desserts!

Greet kindly and ask, "Will you be dining today?"

Drinking? Dancing? Coffee? Champagne?

A trip to our game room, with friends, just to play?

Balcony? Patio? Non-smoking dining or Main?

Wireless Internet? Sofas? Fireplace? Buffet?

You can see at our House,

You'll want to stay the whole day!


Additional thought: No one other than lg is permitted to enter into any contract for any goods or services on behelf of The Brick House :)